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John Stall

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group, during a Remembrance Day ceremony held at the Battle Group headquarters in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Welcome home Canadian Armed Forces

Imagine looking over your shoulder every minute of your waking life for the last eight months, in a high state of alert and anxiety against a possible threat to your or your family’s life.

An apology to Maritime Morning listeners

This morning we had hoped Darrell Dexter would be in studio in this time slot for an hour to take questions from me and then from you. We have done this over the last few days with all of the party leaders. We began asking the NDP to have Mr. Dexter on the program since

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Parents should be allowed to choose which schools they want their children to attend

This week, the PC Party made an announcement about education. It was quickly lost amid the NDP wailing about Stephen McNeil taking health care back to the last century. But such is the nature of elections and media. The announcement, made in front of Westmount School in Halifax was about school choice. It isn’t as sexy

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One would think clean water might be a priority at a hospital

Polling indicates people in Nova Scotia are prepared to change government. The condition of our health care system may well be the reason. While the NDP have been busy putting out glossy brochures about Better Care Sooner, it’s obvious that branding and communications aren’t the problem. Take the Centennial Building at the old Victoria General

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Engaging youth is not a waste of time

Phoebe Lamb, a student at Sir John A. Macdonald High School in Upper Tantallon, is a little disappointed in the Liberal candidate in her riding…with good reason. You see, the students at Sir John A. invite the three candidates to show up to a forum last week… The idea was to give students the opportunity

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Homeowners should be able to trust quality of decks

It’s one of those things that have bothered me for a long time. Crappy decks. Why do homebuilders cobble together quarter million dollar homes and adorn them with 500 dollar decks? Spindly, pressure treated lumber constructions….teetering on 4×4 sticks…12 feet in the air with a ledger board nailed to the siding. They are ugly afterthoughts

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Keep your words soft…for someday you may have to eat them

Election campaigns use the telephone. It is a fast efficient way of connecting with voters and getting an understanding of the voting intentions of citizens. In the past 10 years it has become a principle tool for political parties as volunteer numbers have sagged. The parties employ call centres and polling firms to collect this

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“The worst Facebook ad ever”

I’ve hated Facebook for a longtime. I needn’t get into all the particulars, but suffice to say, in my opinion, more bad has come from Mark Zuckerberg’s little baby than good. Beyond the insufferable narcissism, attention craving, image crafting status updates and time wasting games, there are the ads. Ads that somehow know I’m over

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Forget the fear mongering

In the 1993 federal election Prime Minister Kim Campbell said 47 days was not long enough to discuss the overhaul needed to fix Canada’s social policy. A reporter shortened this to “an election is no time to discuss serious issues.” While it changes the context, perhaps it should be adjusted to reflect the what is

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SMU frosh-week chant about raping young girls is vile

“Y is for your sister. O is for oh so tight. U is for underage. N is for no consent. G is for grab that ass. SMU boys we like them YOUNG!” If it isn’t readily apparent…this vile chant is about raping young girls….and it isn’t in any way ironic. A video of this chant

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