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  • Retired Nova Scotia senator Al Graham dies at the age of 85

    The Canadian Press 0

    HALIFAX – Retired Nova Scotia senator Al Graham has died at the age of 85. A former journalist, Graham was appointed to the Senate in 1972 by Pierre Trudeau and served until his mandatory retirement in 2004 at age 75. He earned several other positions in the course of his career, including president of the

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  • Screen Nova Scotia chairman Marc Almon says the new deal will keep Nova Scotia's film industry competitive.

    Deal reached on changes to Nova Scotia film tax credit

    The Canadian Press 0

    Representatives of Nova Scotia’s film industry say they have reached an agreement with the provincial government on the structure of a tax credit that has been at the centre of a dispute since it was changed in this month’s budget. Scott Simpson of Screen Nova Scotia says a proposed budget cut to the $24 million

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  • Nova Scotia finance minister Diana Whalen delivers her pre-budget speech to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce on March 25, 2015.

    Nova Scotia film sector meets for third time with government to talk tax credit

    The Canadian Press 1

    Representatives from Nova Scotia’s film industry say they believe a compromise will be struck soon with the provincial government over proposed cuts to a $24 million tax credit. The group met with officials from the Finance Department today for the third time in about a week. Screen Nova Scotia chairman Marc Almon says there have

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  • Nova Scotia sees mixed bag, no surprises in federal budget : premier

    The Canadian Press and Jerri Southcott 1

    Nova Scotia’s Premier says there were no surprises in the federal budget and he has mixed feelings about it. Stephen McNeil said this was a budget that was clearly preparing Canadians to go the polls. Premier McNeil said he’s glad Ottawa pledged support to the national shipbuilding procurement contract and infrastructure spending, but wished there

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  • New regulatory body would approve aquaculture operations in Nova Scotia

    The Canadian Press 0

    HALIFAX – An independent three-member review board would be responsible for approving new aquaculture operations in Nova Scotia under legislation introduced today by the provincial government. Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell says the board would make decisions on leases and licences after holding public hearings. Colwell also says responsibility for enforcing environmental rules would be transferred

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  • Cabinet minister’s aide apologizes for film industry tweets

    Brynn Langille and Meghan Groff 4

    A Nova Scotia cabinet minister’s assistant has offered to resign after some members of the film industry were offended by tweets he posted recently. Mark MacPhail is an assistant to Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell, he took to his twitter account last week tweeting, “The smell of weed was more prominent in the air

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  • A plow clears Young Street during the storm on March 18, 2015

    Province spends $80M on snow clearing

    The Canadian Press 3

    HALIFAX – Nova Scotia’s transportation minister says the province’s snow clearing costs for this year are about $80 million, $23 million more than originally budgeted. Geoff MacLellan says the extra money will have to be found through appropriation in his department. The province spent $70 million to clear snow last year.

  • Health Minister Leo Glavine

    Nova Scotia’s speech pathologists required to join new professional body

    The Canadian Press 0

    HALIFAX – The Nova Scotia government says more than 300 audiologists and speech-language pathologists in the province will soon be required to join  a new, self-regulating, professional body. Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine says legislation introduced Wednesday will ensure that licensed audiologists and speech pathologists maintain necessary qualifications and skills. These professionals are already

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  • Protest doesn’t change McNeil’s stance on film tax cut

    Jerri Southcott and with files from The Canadian Press 8

    Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil says he’s heard the protests from the film industry, but he says he’s not about to back away from his decision to virtually eliminate a tax credit that the industry says is key to its survival. More than 2,000 members of the province’s film and television industry, including actors from

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  • Protesters fill Granville Street behind Province House, expressing their displeasure with the government's decision to cut the film tax credit.

    Film supporters rally at Province House

    The Canadian Press and Zane Woodford 4

    The Nova Scotia film community made its voice heard Wednesday afternoon. They spent the afternoon marching around Province House, asking the government to reconsider cuts to the film tax credit. Jonathan Torrens, of Trailer Park Boys and Mr. D says the cut to the film tax credit will shut down the film industry in Nova

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