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Six-year-old twins walk more than two kilometres after bus driver misses stop

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare and now it could be headed to the courts.

A substitute bus driver let a pair of six-year-old twins off at the wrong stop Thursday afternoon, forcing the duo to trek more than an hour to their East Preston home.

The kids were expected home at 2 p.m. but when they didn’t get home on time their frantic mother, Melanie Colley, called Bell Park Academic Centre in Lake Echo where she learned the bus had left on time.

That’s when she called 9-1-1 and the RCMP headed out to try and find the kids.

Colley told News 95.7 the pair was found walking down their street about an hour later.

“At this time the RCMP decided to take the kids up to the spot where he (the bus driver) dropped them off,” she explained. “She came back and told me that they were two-point-five kilometres away from home.”

Even though they were found safe, she said her children were shook up by the ordeal, especially her son Dajon.

“He just continually cried and he kept telling me that the bus driver put them off at the wrong stop and he said that was their stop but Dajea, my girl, was telling the driver he drove past their stop and he was telling her he wasn’t backing up,” she explained.

She said her kids didn’t want to go back to school

“Monday, they still said they didn’t want to go to school so I gave them a little bit of time to talk to them and reassure them that this was not going to happen again,” said Colley.

She convinced them to head back to class yesterday, but she said the whole situation is bothering.

“I go to bed and I’m still going on with the thoughts of, ‘what if?’ because there’s so much danger out there for six year olds – no matter what age your kids are – if someone does this to your kids it’s pretty much abuse, I think it’s abuse,” she said.

Colley said the principal and home room teacher were very helpful, but she was concerned with her initial call to the school when she talked to the receptionist.

“She kept telling me to call back,” said Colley. “Never tell a fearful parent who knows what time their kids get home to call back. When I did call her back, when I was on the line with 9-1-1, that’s when she gave me the bad news that the bus driver did this?

Stock Transportation, who runs the school bus service, spoke with Colley Friday.

“All they could do is tell me pretty much this bus driver is not going to be driving anymore,” she said.

She has consulted a lawyer and may pursue legal action, but didn’t want to get into any details other than to say she’s been told she has a case to a “certain degree.”

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Shouldn’t she have been meeting her kids at the bus stop?

February 27, 2013 at 8:37 am
ron bailey

Most parents drop off and pick up their kids at the bus stop.

February 27, 2013 at 9:14 am