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Metro Transit to spend $175k on five-year strategic plan

Regional Council has approved the framework to develop a new five-year strategic plan for Metro Transit.

There will be extensive public consultations across HRM to get opinions on how Metro Transit can improve for the next five years.

The plan will be conducted internally by Metro Transit staff, along with 2 other hires. There will be two rounds of consultations with the public and councilors. The first will focus on questions of transit values, and the second will look at more details on service planning.

Waverley, Fall River Councillor Barry Dalrymple wants to make sure there’s equal representation between rural, urban and suburban areas for the public meetings.

“I don’t want to see two meetings in downtown Halifax, two in downtown Dartmouth, one in Bedford and one in Sackville,” said Dalrymple. “That’s not my understanding of equal and fair representation.”

It will cost $175,000 to build the plan over the year, which is coming from the Metro transit operating budget.