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Finance minister claims opposition using shipbuilders as "political pawns"

Nova Scotia Finance Minister Maureen MacDonald is demanding an apology from the opposition Liberals for what she says is an unfounded attack on those who make their living building ships in the province.

Stephen McNeil issued a press release last week saying that Irving’s plans to outsource shipyard jobs and send them offshore is troubling.

He say the decision to outsource high-paying engineering jobs is concerning because of the $304 million the Dexter government has made available to Irving.

MacDonald says the Liberal leader should have a better understanding of shipbuilding than he does.

“Not every single, solitary peice of the shipbuilding contract will be done in Nova Scotia,” says MacDonald. “That’s totally unrealistic, that was never envisioned. Just like the work that was awarded to the B.C. yard not every bit of that is going to be done there.”

MacDonald says McNeil’s ambition to become Premier has blinded him to what is best for the province.

“As the member who represents the Halifax Shipyard and its’ employees, I’m saying enough is enough. Mr. McNeil has a history of making cheap political shots but launching this attack for no reason other than to score political points is unacceptable,” says MacDonald. “Our shipbuilders deserve more than to be used as political pawns.”

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hmm how does Minister MacDonald know what is in the contract with the BC shipyard, after all Irving and Dexter will not release ALL the details of their secret contract. second to that it is the Opposition’s job to ask the Hard questions just like old the pre-elect New Deficit Party would have done by RANTING, RAVING AND CRYING on the other side of the house-remember the only change the TAXPAYER of Nova Scotia gets from electing these incompetent’s is less money in the pocket- I am getting to the point where if a dog runs for office at least I would know what crap to expect-LOL

February 25, 2013 at 1:19 pm

Another sanctimonious politician that simply does not have a clue. And this could well include everyone sitting in the legislature. It has been quite some time since the contract was announced, but exactly what has happened since then? Has a formal contract been signed? Who is designing the ships? Has dollar one been earned on the contract? So far it has only been a bunch of crap. When we we see something concrete from this slleged contract?

February 25, 2013 at 4:02 pm