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Medical students dance and sing for charity

Medical students aren’t only smart, they can sing and dance too.

Med students from Dalhousie University are performing their annual Euphoria show at the Rebecca Cohen in Halifax tonight. The med students from all four years try to outperform each other with half hour skits that include videos, live music, dancing and acting.

“After people watch the show they ask when do we have time to actually learn medicine,” said Dustin Conrad, Vice President for the Dalhousie Medical Students Society and this year’s Euphoria coordinator. “It’s quite competitive. We put in hours of practice a week. We build up our script throughout the year, we don’t throw it together in the last month.”

The money from ticket sales goes toward a charity or non-profit group.

“We usually raise around $10,000,” added Conrad. “This year it’s going to the Universities Children Centre which is based out of DAL. It provides affordable childcare for DAL’s students, teachers and the whole community.”

The shows sell out early every year. It’s been running for over 40 years.

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