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Halifax Alehouse defends against accusations of racial profiling

The Halifax Alehouse is defending accusations of racial profiling.

The human rights inquiry got underway Friday, and although it’s early on, it looks as though both parties have suffered as a result of the complaint.

Dino Gilpin says he was denied service at The Alehouse because he is black.

The bar says he was asked to leave because he could not provide proper ID.

Gilpin maintains none of this would have happened if he was white.

“Going downtown if you’re black, you’re always looked at in a different manner; a different way,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of The Alehouse, GM Peter Martell said they have a myriad of people with varying cultural backgrounds working for them.

He added he runs a tight ship and staff are trained to only accept certain forms of identification such as a valid Nova Scotia ID, and if a patron cannot provide that, they are asked to leave.

Martell said Gilpin could only offer an invalid driver’s license

A decision on the case will be made at a later date.

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