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Herring Cove man charged in online classifieds airline points scam

A Herring cove man is accused of using online ads to lure suckers into a fraud involving airline points.

Police say the man ran a scam offering to sell the points. He collected the money through transfers but never sent the points.

Police searched a home on Herring Cove Road this morning, seized electronic equipment and arrested 22-year-old Jonathan David O’Brien. He’s charged with fraud over $5,000 and breaching court orders.

Investigators have heard complaints from seven people so far, and expect to lay more charges as more victims turn up.

Police give the same advice as always to people using the online classifieds like Kijiji: deal locally and in person to see the product yourself and exchange cash in a well-lit public place, and never give out your personal or banking information over the phone or internet.

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Life of crime

Sounds like ol’ Jonathan has turned to a full life of crime. Nothing better than to throw him behind bars and see how he likes it there.Thank you for publishing his full name…..now people will know not to hire this criminal.

February 22, 2013 at 8:20 am