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Municipality asks province for changes to bottle return system

HRM is asking the province to change the way it collects returnable.

If a new report is right, the current bottle collection service in the province will start losing money by 2016 because of rising expenses without a rise in revenue.

Solid waste resources manager Gord Helm told Maritime Morning right now you pay 10 cents deposit, get 5 cents back and the other 5 cents funds the system.

“Maybe there are some ways we can modify the system as it currently is, such to reduce costs without having to increase revenues,” he said.

He said you can do that by changing deposit fees to 5 cents and only having curb side pickup, so the 5 cents would go to the city which collects everything.

Helm adds that would also increase the diversion credit revenue.

He also said diversion credit revenue would go also up for the municipality.

There are some concerns a move like this would negatively affect those who pick up bottles for fundraising.

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5 cents back and only at specific locations is a joke! People wasting more money on gas to bring the empties to the EnviroDepots. In BC they collect empties at every big food store – much more convenient and practical.

February 20, 2013 at 1:44 pm