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Musician's call to stop violent incidents downtown goes viral

The way bouncers deal with situations at downtown bars is being questioned after an incident this weekend in Halifax.

“Hello city, we have a violence problem” is the title of the note musician John Wesely Chisholm wrote on Facebook.

He told Maritime Morning he witnessed a bouncer deal with a drunken patron too aggressively.

He said we know violence downtown is a problem, but we need to train people how to deal with it differently.

“This systems and practices that are in place to deal with a situation are broken,” he said. “They’re not working and they’re not creating any change.”

He said sadly, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

“Everybody has a story like this that they’ve observed that they want to process and make sense of,” said Chisholm.

Chisholm also said police wouldn’t take his statement, wouldn’t properly identify themselves and were slow to respond.

The patron is not pressing charges, but police are looking into the situation further to find out exactly what happened.

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