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N.S. Senator calls for Senate reform

One Conservative Senator from Nova Scotia says he believes the senate should be reformed.

“Unless it’s accountable to the people, then it well never been seen as the institution it’s meant to be,” said Senator Thomas Johnson McInnis. “Nova Scotia should have a senatorial act pass that would enable elections to take place.”

McInnis says there are four provinces that already elects senators, which McInnis believes is the only way credibility towards the Senate will be reaffirmed.

“The Senate does excellent work,” he adds, “But if people want it abolished – fine, but we’ve seen every line of the budget and made adjustments.”

McInnis points to recent studies by the Senate on cross border shopping, Atlantic lobsters and aquaculture. “There’s less arguing in the senate than the House of Commons,” McInnis said, “I want to represent Nova Scotia and reform the Senate.”

McInnis was appointed to the Senate in September 2012.

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And where do you stand on the senate reform issue Dexter? Any ideas? Time to speak up and be progressive. Step up when you are needed.

February 18, 2013 at 8:45 am