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Tax critic slams premiers' conference gift baskets

The provincial government spent $37,000 on gifts for the premiers’ meeting in Halifax back in July 2012.

Atlantic Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Kevin Lacey, tells Maritime Morning the province gave away gifts as if it was a birthday party for Canada’s premiers.

The list includes $30,000 spent on jackets from Saskatchewan, $1,600 on cheese boards covered in bees wax, crystal tumblers designed as the Titanic, 13 sailboat dishes, 25 Diamond Jubilee leather binders, $5,000 on Taste of Nova Scotia gift baskets and $700 on porcupine brooches.

“It’s the principle that’s the issue,” says Lacey. “We don’t have to give out presents to showcase Nova Scotia. It showcases itself.”

Seventy-thousand dollars from the total $110,000 bill for the Premier’s meeting came from the Council of the Federation. Lacey says that organization is supported by tax payers, and its sole job is to organize all of the premiers together every 2 years.

The previous provincial government spent $150,000 on gifts when Nova Scotia hosted the premiers’ meeting in 2002.

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Another big clap for Dexter. More handouts to his fellow politicians from across the country while he continues to cut services to the citizens of Nova Scotia. Never mind the dollar amount, it is the principal. Does this joker not realize Nova Scotia is a have not province and cannot afford to be magnanimous? Dexter wants to play with the big boys but cannot come to terms he is only a tag along in this group. Sorry Dexter, this group does not want your opinion.

February 13, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Giving gifts to the ” entitled political elite ” out of the taxpayers pockets is just plain wrong, while I don’t just blame the current government of overeating at the trough with thier hanouts and ” entitlements ” I hold all parties guilty of this ” crime “. This behavior will not change unless Canadians get a backbone and unite against the corruption that runs rampent throughout our political system with little to no accountability, the Canadian people must change this behavior before these politicians ” entitle ” Canada bankrupt

February 14, 2013 at 7:58 am