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Settlement in Home For Colored Children case

The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children is pictured in this Nov. 2012 file photo.

The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children has reached a tentative agreement to settle the former residents’ abuse claims.

“We’ve arrived on the major terms of resolution of the claims,” Halifax lawyer Ray Wagner tells the Rick Howe Show. “We still have to cross the T’s and dot the I’s but that should be finished next week.”

The lawyer, who represents former residents of NSHCC, goes on to say there is compensation but they can’t release the number before the deal is complete. He says now they’ll move forward with apologies, reconciliation and healing.

The application for a class action is still before the courts, and will be going to Nova Scotia Supreme Court for certification in June. The court will ultimately decide whether it approves the consent certification reached between the NSHCC and plaintiffs.

Wagner anticipates it will be approved, and from there they’ll focus their attention on the province’s failure to fund the home.

The Nova Scotia government is also being sued, and has not moved to settle.