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Residents react to $100,000 pot bust in Portland Hills

Residents are reacting to the news that Halifax police netted $100,000 dollars of pot in a Portland Hills neighborhood drug bust.

Police raided the home on Bellbrook Crescent at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evening and seized marijuana along with equipment.

The seizure has people who live in the area on edge.

Gina tells News 95.7 she walks down the street with her girls every day, and they thought something was suspicious.

“The last four days we’ve been smelling a skunk smell and I kind of wondered, ‘What was that?’, she says. “As soon as you walk by the corner (Bellbrook Crescent and Portland Hills Drive) you’d have a huge, huge smell of it.”

She says it’s concerning because she thought it was a nice, safe neighborhood but things keep popping up.

“It’s not the first thing that’s happened since we’ve lived here so it’s definitely concerning,” she explains. “There are some things in the last year and a half that are definitely worrisome. You think you’re in a safe neighborhood but maybe you’re not”

Khalid lives just around the corner from where the grow-op was located.

He tells News 95.7 he’s shocked.

“This is a very quiet area, every single house here has two or three kids,” he explains. “I have three kids here and they play outside all the time.”

Khalid adds he may not let his kids outside for as long now.

Two people were arrested at the scene Tuesday night.

A 34-year-old man was released from custody to appear in court at a later date to face cultivation charges. A 29-year-old man was held in custody and will attend court later today to face charges of cultivation.

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