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Expect driving, transit delays as crews continue to clear snow

The storm has passed but the cleanup continues around HRM and most of the province.

The snow came down on a weekend, meaning snow clearing crews were able to get to work without have to contend with rush hour traffic.

Even with a couple of days head start on the clearing operations, the true test comes this morning.

HRP Sgt Kevin McNeil says there’s still a substantial amount of snow on the roadways in HRM.

“Plows and trucks are out and are taking some of the snow away but there are still some areas that are snow covered with slippery patches,” he explains.

McNeil adds drivers need to be cautious.

“The roads are certainly passable, but I guess the other thing would be parking,” he says. “There’s still some areas where people may have to pull up a little closer to the sides of the road, but other than that it should be very close to another routine day inside of Halifax.”

Lanes might not be as wide as you’re used to and large snow banks could make turning off of side streets tricky.

“I recommend when you can’t see, inch your way out to a point where you can see but not to a point where your car is barging out and you could possibly be clipped by another car,” suggests McNeil. “Make sure before you pull out that everyone else sees you and they’re stopped.

RCMP Cst Jeff West tells News 95.7 the 100 series highways are also looking good, but they aren’t perfect.

“There are still some icy spots on the road and there are still some spots where there are wind drifts or wind-blown snow that’s covering a bit of the highways in a few spots, so there’s still that potential for icy spots and black ice on the highways,” he explains.”

It usually takes about 72 hours for bus routes to be cleared, and that could be longer with the amount of snow that fell.

In a release, Metro Transit says passengers should expect some service delays so plan extra time.

The Woodside ferry will not be in service today, because of water damage at the terminal building.

Shuttles will be provided to and from the Alderney Ferry terminal.

Metro Transit also warns you should use caution around terminals and bus stops where the snow may not have been cleared yet.

Buses may not be able to pull fully into bus stops and the loading and unloading could take longer than usual.

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In reference to the snow clearing segment on the radio and the people who said that I was a whiner, come see the job they’ve done on my street and talk to my neibours before u open your mouths. talk about your own situations that you know about, not about something you haven’t even seen.

February 11, 2013 at 9:37 am