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St.FX faculty reject bid

The union representing striking faculty at Nova Scotia’s St. Francis Xavier University has rejected a bid by
the school’s board of governors to end a strike that is poised to enter its third week.

The board’s executive committee issued a statement today asking the union to either present the university’s latest offer to faculty members or submit to final-offer arbitration.

Union president Peter McInnis says neither option will be considered and he accused the university of bargaining in bad faith
by repeatedly making offers through the media.

McInnis says the only way to end the strike is to resume collective bargaining behind closed doors.

About 400 professors and academic staff at the school in Antigonish walked off the job on Jan. 28 in a bid to secure higher
pay and better job security for contract and sessional staff.

University spokesman Ramsay Duff says the board of governors is concerned talks are approaching an impasse, but he says there’s nothing standing in the way of renewed talks.

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