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City crews focus on snow first, potholes second

As the snow finally clears off the roads from the weekend’s storm, there’s another unwelcome sight – potholes.

HRM spokesperson Tiffany Chase tells News 95.7 the crews who patch potholes are the same crews who clear the snow.

“Typically we don’t get into potholes until the spring, so March or April, and that would be weather dependent as well,” she explains. “As long as we have winter weather, those staff will be focused on clearing snow and ice from our roads.”

Chase says they don’t ignore the potholes. Crews try to head out and do what they can once they’re done with snow, usually within a couple days, unless they’re a serious safety concern.

“If there’s a safety risk to vehicles proceeding down the street due to a very large sized pothole, then certainly HRM staff will go out to assess it and see what they can do to address the situation,” explains Chase.

She adds if you do see potholes, you should still call them in.

“Certainly call 3-1-1 if you see a large pothole that you’d like to notify HRM exists,” she says. “If the weather is able to clear and we’re able to start that work earlier, at least they’d have a list of locations already started.”

The weather plays a big role because filling potholes in freezing temperatures doesn’t work as well.

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