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Province says stores able to brew wine and beer

The Nova Scotia government says it will change a law that bans small businesses from producing in-store wine and beer
amid brewing controversy over the practice.

The government says its Crown liquor corporation will also drop injunctions launched in provincial Supreme Court against Wine Kitz Halifax and Water ‘n’ Wine in New Glasgow.

The provincial government introduced regulatory changes in 2011 giving the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. the authority to seek a court
order to prevent businesses from allowing customers to use brew kits on their premises.

The ensuing court case uncorked a torrent a condemnation among opposition parties, entrepreneurs and hobbyists who argued the law was anti-competitive and picked on the little guy.

Justice Minister Ross Landry says the government will study the law in other provinces and develop new regulations that will allow on-site fermenting.

According to the Nova Scotia government, in-store wine and beer production is permitted in five provinces: Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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Bottles up! 🙂

January 31, 2013 at 2:36 pm