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St.FX students march to protest lack of bargaining in strike


About 100 St. Francis Xavier University students marched on Wednesday to call upon professors and the administration to return to the bargaining table.

A strike by the academic staff is now in its third day.

The students marched from the Bloomfield Centre, around Morrison Hall and past Alumni Hall and back to the Bloomfield Centre in Antigonish.

Students Union President Nick Head-Petersen says students want union and university bargaining teams to start talking again and to reach a deal.

Many of the students carried placards, with messages such as “Back to the Table”, “Why am I not in Class?”, “Our Dollars,
Our Time” and “We’re Waiting.”

Head-Petersen says based on figures the students union has received, it appears about 30 per cent of the student body has left
the town to await the outcome of the strike.

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It would be very interesting to know what the individual categories (professors, support staff, etc) salary ranges are, so we can determine whether this strike is warranted. Secondly, the students should start a class action lawsuit against the University and strikers if they lose their entire year.

January 31, 2013 at 10:29 am