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Judge rules police interview inadmissable in drug death

A valley judge has ruled that a videotaped police interview with a man allegedly going through withdrawal symptoms cannot be used at his trial.

23 year old Kyle David Fredericks is on trial for criminal negligence causing death and trafficking drugs, relating to the death of Joshua Graves who died after combining alcohol with dilaudid at a house party in March 2011.

During the interview with police, Fredericks told officers he gave Graves half a dilaudid, but later told court he lied because he was having drug withdrawals and wanted to get out of the interview.

Grave’s Sister, Amy Graves, is still hoping for a guilty verdict.

“There are still witnesses that have testified saying that Fredericks told them that he’s the one who sold my brother the pill, so I’m hoping the evidence is reasonable beyond doubt, ” says Graves.

Fredericks is currently being held at the Burnside jail.

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He is no more guilty than the guy who chose to abuse legal medication.

January 30, 2013 at 9:14 pm