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Halifax orphanage denies abuse in court documents fighting proposed class-action

The executive director of a Halifax orphanage denies any knowledge of abuse at the residence and says previous court
proceedings have named 59 former residents who have been accused of physical, sexual and mental abuse.

The statements by Veronica Marsman are contained in an affidavit submitted Monday with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

The affidavit argues against the certification of a proposed class-action lawsuit filed by former residents of the Nova Scotia
Home for Colored Children who allege they were abused at the orphanage.

The proposed class-action involving about 140 former residents alleges incidents of physical, sexual and mental abuse by staff at the home over several decades up to the 1980s.

Marsman says some of the allegations have been dismissed based on Nova Scotia’s Statute of Limitations, adding that the proposed class-action would require reviewing incidents that have allegedly occurred over 50 years.

Last month, Halifax police and the RCMP announced they would not be laying criminal charges in the case after concluding there was not enough evidence to support the allegations.

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David King

Veronica Marsman has been a social worker with Children Aid Societies and child protection agencies for years. Her and the social workers are taught to lie to prove parents are bad parents so they can get their children into the government controlled foster care system.

Now she is lying about the abuse that goes on in the system that she put them in. A public inquiry will expose all the lies of the social workers and bring justice to these people who have been abused.

January 09, 2013 at 6:14 pm

I was shocked that VM stated these words. Seeing also she blames the residents and calls them abusers. She knows as a social worker that when children do not get the services they require the acting out of their trauma and abuses is predictable and probable. The fact that some residents also abused does not negate that the staff did, they were still kids in care not adult staff who ought to have known better. It also supports that amount of gross neglect and lack of due diligence by the province and authorities/courts/police/ministers/caseworkers/family courts who did not look after the needs of these defenseless orphaned children when in care.

I am shocked VM has taken the white mans road on this: to lie and deny. She knows her words are harmful and interfere with the healing of these now adult ( children in care). She knows how hard it is to come forward, she knows how embarrassing it is, she knows the loss, she knows.I would post more but Im still in shock that this professional woman who I have respected for so long has went against all she knows as a social worker who has worked with kids in care for decades and knows first hand about the racism . How can a member of ABSW talk ad nausem about racism in other institutions but none existed toward the NSHCC from mainstream society who neglected /forgot about these kids? ? Im a heart broken

January 10, 2013 at 12:54 am