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Taxman digging deeper into Canadian earnings in 2013

OTTAWA – As with the turn of almost every year, 2013 will begin with a hit to your wallet.

Besides the bills that many people will face from pre-holiday shopping, tax and premium changes that take effect today will be
felt when the first paycheques of the year arrive.

Every working Canadian will have more deducted from their pay packets thanks to increases to Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance premiums.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says E-I premiums will rise by $51.50 for anyone earning just over $47,000 annually.

E-I premiums for employers will rise even more.

And C-P-P premiums will go up by nearly $50 for anybody earning at least $51,100.

In British Columbia, payroll health tax hikes will be felt even more.

There will also be tax increases for higher-paid Canadians in Nova Scotia, P.E.I., Manitoba and Ontario.

And the Quebec government will hit people in that province with multiple assaults on the pocket book, with an extra income tax
bracket, hikes to health taxes for high income earners and increases in so-called sin taxes on liquor and tobacco.

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I support the Harper government, but that tax increase only hurts small businesses even more. Great , I now I can contribute to more EI for fishermen! Thats all right, I’m still a proud tax payer and I’m drawing EI for the first time in my 15 year career. Think i might evry year now!

January 02, 2013 at 7:29 pm