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Defence Minister announces military rent cap

Some of Canada’s military personnel are getting a break on their rent.

Minister of Defence, Peter MacKay, announced a cap on rent increases for newer serving members at Department of National Defence housing units, while in Halifax Sunday.

MacKay announced a rent increase limit of 2.21 per cent for the 2013 and 2014 fiscal year has been set for some privates and officer cadets effective April 1.
He said the cap is an attempt to provide parity for members in lower earning brackets who often seek housing outside the military because it’s more affordable.

“They feel the pressure perhaps in the most accute way as they are joining the Canadian Forces, orienting themselves to the military lifestyle,” MacKay said on Global News. “We made the decision that we would offer this reduction, essentially, in what their rent will be as a result of pending increases.”

MacKay said he hopes the reductions will make living on military bases more attractive. It will apply to about 500 privates and officer cadets.




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