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Winter storm blamed for 15 US deaths, 3,000 flights cancelled

A winter storm is being blamed for more than a dozen deaths in the United States. The same storm has disrupted travel plans by air and land on both sides of the boarder.

There have been 15 deaths, most of which occured during multiple crashes on black-ice covered roads in the country’s north-east region.

The storm snapped power polls in Arkensaw, caused white-out conditions in Ohio and Southern Illioni snowplows were left struggling to clear the roads.

Thursday’s storm cancelled nearly 700 flights in the United States alone. That makes nearly 3,000 flight cancellations since Christmas out of the south.

The snowfall and winds also caused major delays and flight cancellations at Canadian airports.

Flights at Stanfield International are being affected by the powerful storm that’s dumped snow over the mid-west States, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Flights arriving from Saint John and Moncton were cancelled Friday morning, including flights departing for Montreal, Newark and Chicago.

Air Canada issued travel alerts for Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John, New Brunswick, advising passengers to check if flights are delayed or cancelled today.

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