The Boxing Day shopping frenzy is hitting Atlantic Canada today, one day later than the rest of the country.

The first people outside Future Shop in Bayers Lake were a father and son from Lower Sackville who got in line at midnight.

By the time the doors opened at 6 a.m. there were close to 100 people in line.

“I was way back there,” says John Cornick. “I came for an iPad 2 for my wife and I was lucky to get it.”

He says he would’ve preferred sales to happen yesterday, in fact he came to an empty parking lot.

“I guess I should’ve read the paper and the ads but Boxing Day is Boxing day.”

However others said it was nice to have a breather between the bustle of Christmas and the rush of Boxing Day sales.

Stores in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were closed Wednesday as Boxing Day is considered a holiday.