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Last days for express post before Christmas

Friday and Saturday are the last days for getting a parcel in the mail and having it arrive under an out-of-town tree before Christmas.

However, anyone scrambling to get to a postal service will be paying express post prices.

“It all depends on how important it is to get it there on time,” said Canada Post spokesperson John Caines.

“If you want to get it there on time, we have a service,” said Caines. “It’s either priority courier or express post. They have guaranteed services that will get there one-day locally, two-days nationally for express post. Or, priority courier will be next-day delivery. That’s a guaranteed product.”

Canada Post is taking parcels both Dec. 21 and 22 with a promise to deliver them before Dec. 25.

UPS has said today is the last day.

“For those who are really busy, I’m not going to call them procrastinators because everyone is really busy, they can ship up to the 21st of December using our UPS express option, and it will be delivered on the 24th,” said spokesperson Nicolas Dorget.

A UPS standard package will arrive in one-to-four days anywhere in Canada.
The last day for getting parcels in the mail, and only paying regular shipping prices was Dec. 10.

However UPS said it offers multiple options for delivery. It recommends customers visit the website for details.

Both services are reminding senders use proper corrugated boxes, packing tape and labeling when sending parcels.

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