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Renewed calls for inquiry into NSHCC

File Photo/Premier Stephen McNeil

It’s clear there are several calls for an inquiry into allegations of abuse at a provincial orphanage, but it’s unclear whether it will become an election issue.

The Nova Scotia Liberals are making a renewed call for an inquiry into allegations of abuse at the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children now that the RCMP has decided it will not lay criminal charges.

Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil held a media conference at Province House Thursday.  “To get an opportunity to heal and begin to move forward, we need to have an open and full hearing,” he said.  “In my view, it’s not an election issue, it’s a moral issue for the province of Nova Scotia and if I’m given the privilege to be the Premier, we will call an inquiry if one has not been called.”

Former resident of the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children Tony Smith says he’s confident there will be a public inquiry into the abuse allegations, whether it’s under the current government or the next.

“First we shook hands with the Premier and asked if we would have a meeting, he agreed to this.  I followed on it on a few occasions to date and I did not have this meeting,” said Smith.  “With that, I think it’s a shame that this is still being delayed.  I do believe eventually we will have a public inquiry and it may not be with him,” he says.

The RCMP recently concluded there was not enough corroborating evidence to lay criminal charges in the decades old case.

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