A Parrsboro, N.S., teen was to be honoured by the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board Wednesday for averting a bus crash and saving the lives of about 30 students.

Brady Dunham, 16, was aboard the school bus last Thursday when the driver had a medical emergency and lost control.

“We were going and then the bus just went off the road and into a field. It was going toward the Glooscap Restaurant down here in Parrsboro,” Dunham told the Rick Howe Show Tuesday afternoon. “I ran to the front of the bus and saw what was going on. I grabbed the wheel of the bus and moved it, so it wouldn’t hit the restaurant.”

Dunham does not have a driver’s license.

He maneuvered the bus through the restaurant’s parking lot, between buildings, and into a neighbour’s yard where it came to a stop.

“Her foot was on the gas and brake. After I got it straightened out, I kicked her foot off the gas so that the bus would eventually come to a stop,” he explained.

Dunham said he can’t take all the credit. One of his fellow students called 911, and several of the older students helped the younger ones off the bus to wait in the field while emergency crews arrived.

There were about 29 students on the bus between elementary and Grade 12. No one was injured.

The school board, as well as Parrsboro Volunteer Fire Department, EMT Nova Scotia and area business members will be attending an event to honour the students.