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Auditor General wants HRM artifacts tracked

A missing piece of a larger sculpture may be indicative of a larger problem with the way the city handles its artifacts.

HRM’s Auditor General is making recommendations to the city’s Audit and Finance Committee to better itemize, insure and catalogue artifacts.

“We don’t know anything about these artifacts,” says Councillor Gloria McCluskey. She says there are upwards of 42,000 peices of city-owned art and antiques scattered across HRM with little to no documentation or proper care.

“The artifacts from the Dartmouth Museum, which have been in an old warehouse in Burnside, (are) being destroyed, all because they’re in a warehouse that isn’t suitable,” says McCluskey.

Auditor General Larry Munroe is recommeding itemizing these artifacts.

“These pieces belong to everyone in HRM, and let’s get them on display,” said Munroe. “Let’s understand what we’ve goe.”

This comes after “The Doll,” a piece from the Jordi Bonet Halifax Explosion Memorial sculpture, went missing after it was moved from Gottingen Street in 2004.

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old salt

Imagine that ….a city staffer accepting responsibility… I don’t see that happening without some dismissals and court cases… methinks the new mayor has his work cut out for the next while…

December 20, 2012 at 6:58 am