NSCAD and the Halifax Airport Authority are partnering up again.

Twelve fourth year students enrolled in a program specifically targeted at designing sculptures have created, and are going to install, unique displays at the airport.

Peter Spurway, the VP of corporate communications for the Airport Authority, says the idea came about a few years ago when some NSCAD students were using property at the airport for a project.

“The students came out and built models, but we were quite intrigued by the idea so we asked to display those models,” he explains.

It’s been an ongoing event ever since, and now the models are displayed inside the airport.

Spurway tells News 95.7 what some of the displays are like.

“Some are interactive and some are more traditional in the sense that it is a sculpture that you look at and interpret,” he says.

The art will be on display there for the next ten months, starting on Monday.