A Kentville, Nova Scotia shopkeeper’s fight against the Government of Nova Scotia reached a critical phase Wednesday.
Bob Gee owns Mader’s Tobacco Shop and has, so far, convinced the court to hear his arguments that current provincial legislation banning the display of tobacco products is a violation of his Charter rights.

Curtis Palmer is Gee’s lawyer.  He says it’s now up to the government to prove the law is reasonable.

“The onus is on the government now to make that case and that’s what’s undergoing now starting yesterday, later on today and then again tomorrow,” he says.

Gee asserts that it’s unfair to suggest covering tobacco products will improve or influence the health of Nova Scotians.

The judge is expected to rule on the case Thursday.  If the judge sides with Gee and allows him to open up his shop display, the entire ban would be struck down, pending a government appeal of the ruling.