The Nova Scotia government says the attempt to redraw the province’s electoral boundaries has cost nearly $400,000 so far.

Figures released today by the government show $450,000 was budgeted for the work of the Electoral Boundaries Commission.

The government says it has spent $396,342 to date.

Legislation that would merge four ridings intended to represent the province’s black and Acadian populations with other ridings has passed second reading and is currently before the law amendments committee.

However, Justice Minister Ross Landry says it could be next week before the committee decides what to do before returning the bill to the legislature for final reading.

Both opposition parties have declined Landry’s call for further ideas and say they will vote against the proposed boundary changes in any event.

The opposition parties also say they don’t understand why the provincial government is stalling on its proposed redrawing of the electoral map.

The Liberals say they don’t know why the NDP is dragging its feet on the proposed boundary changes.

The Progressive Conservatives say the onus is on the government to make a decision.