If you’ve noticed a rank smell coming from your taps lately, you’re not alone.  Halifax Water says consumers whose water comes from the Pockwock Water Supply have been experiencing musty, foul tasting and smelling water for a few weeks.  It is affecting people in Halifax, Bedford, Sackville, Fall River, Waverley and Timberlea.  

They also say it’s perfectly safe to drink.

Independent, third-party testing has been done by an accredited laboratory and it’s confirmed the presence of Geosmin, a naturally occurring compound found in surface waters that produces an earthy, musty-type taste and odour.

Geosmin is common across Canada and is often detected after a period of hot, dry weather followed by heavy rains.  

In a release, Halifax Water says it’s conducting research into Biofiltration and Granular Activated Carbon in efforts to control the taste and smell of what’s coming from the taps.