The councillor for downtown Halifax says she wants HRM to follow Toronto’s lead and ban single-use plastic bags.

Dawn Sloane tells News 95.7 she will table a notice of motion at Tuesday’s council meeting and hope to have the issue debated in two weeks.

She says the cons of plastic bags far outweight the pros.

“They’re a nuisance, simple as that,” she said. “When it comes to garbage, trash or litter that you see around, just look up in the trees some time, and you’ll see them caught in trees. You’ll see them used for illegal dumping, where people are not source-separating their garbage.

Toronto’s ban is expected to take full effect Jan. 1, 2013.

Callers to the Rick Howe Show weren’t in favour of a ban, but Sloane said the public has only itself to blame.

“If people would actually recycle properly, and store their garbage properly and not litter, then probably we wouldn’t have people like myself and others like the City of Toronto saying, ‘Ban the bags,’” she said.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford calls the ban the “dumbest thing” the city has ever done.