A three year investigation has netted nine arrests after Canada border service agents seized more than 5,700 kilograms of hashish hidden behind a false wall in a shipping container from Karachi, Pakistan bound for Montreal.  
It’s being called the largest seizure of hash in the past five years and had a street value of $114.5 million.
The Canada Border Services Agency thought something was wrong when the shipper had a container with cotton in it, when the company normally moved metal.  
Border Services spokesperson Dominic Mallette explains we’re just learning about it now because of the RCMP investigation that followed the seizure, which turned up another 43.3 metric tonnes of the drug, worth $860 million.
“The drug is always seized at the first point of arrival and often the RCMP will proceed to what we call a ‘controlled delivery’ but the drug never follows, if you know what I mean,” said Mallette. “The drug is always seized and it is never in the container.”
He says large seizures like this happen four or five times a year, but adds this was the largest seizure of hash in about five years.  
“Forty-three tonnes of hash is enough hash to provide a city of 10,000 residents with a daily dose for eleven years.”