For the third year in a row, the best place to live in Canada is Ottawa.

The nation’s capital topped the list again in the annual “Canada’s Best Places to Live” survey by MoneySense magazine.

Sarah Efron, the managing editor at MoneySense magazine, said Ottawa did not finish first in any specific category, but is above-average in many.

“It has excellent scores for household income and discretionary income, thanks in part to those government jobs. It has a low unemployment rate, gets a good score for population growth, really well in arts and culture,” Efron said.

Number two on the “Canada’s Best Places to Live 2012″ list was Burlington, Ont., helped out by good weather, a low crime rate, and high income levels. Regina and Halifax were also near the top.

This year’s list covers 190 communities — 10 more than last year.

Toronto ranked 47th — a big improvement over 88 where it was in 2011 — while Vancouver, B.C. fell to 56th sport, hurt by home affordability.