City and school officials are taking pre-emptive action to prepare for a low-pressure system bringing some winter weather to Nova Scotia.

HRM has announced the overnight winter parking ban will be in effect from 1a.m. to 6 a.m. tonight, meaning vehicles left on the street will be ticketed and towed.

The South Shore Regional School Board has also announced it will dismiss students 1.5 hours earlier than usual today.

News 95.7 meterologist Richard Zurawski says we’re in for five to 10 cm of snow, starting around mid-afternoon.

“I think the big problem is the drive home this evening,” he said. “You’re looking at snow and wind gusts to 60 km an hour, so whiteouts are certainly possible. And of course, if you’re travelling inter-city in the Maritimes, driving from Halifax to Moncton could certainly be a challenge.”

By Friday morning, Zurawski says the snow will be a distant memory.

“Friday morning the temperature will be around six or seven degrees, so what you’re going to have is rain and wind and lots and lots of rain and melt,” he said. “So you could have lots of localized pooling.”

Zurawski says the low-pressure system moving in isn’t really a “storm” – it’s pretty typical winter weather for the Maritimes, but we just haven’t seen much of it this year.