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Local acupuncturist guilty of sex assaults

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A Vancouver acupuncturist has been convicted of sexually assaulting four of his patients.  Rang Van Pham was charged after several women complained they were fondled at his practice on Hastings Street.

The women can’t be named because of a publication ban but Louisa Russell with Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter is speaking for them.

She says the victims who testified at his BC Supreme Court trial were incredibly brave.

“Some of them were on the stand for two days and were questioned about their credibility,” Russell said.  “They were questioned about very specific details using very intimate parts of their body, very publicly, in front of a judge and jury.”

Pham was acquitted on three other sex assault charges.

Russell says the victims aren’t looking for a long prison sentence.  “They were never interested in punishment and never discussed what his prison sentence should be,” Rogers said.  “They’re primary request was to stop this man from attacking other women.”

A date for his sentencing hearing hasn’t been set yet.

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